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When Your Rescue Dog Doesn't Listen & What To To About It!

25-Feb-2019 – 25-Feb-2019

This evening will be useful for anyone that owns or is thinking of getting a dog from a rescue and will be especially useful to those that work or volunteer at a humane society, animal control, rescue, vet clinic and are interested in furthering their education.

Attendees will be learning how to...

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Practical Real Life Skill Obedience

  • In The Home

    The focus is on practical skills that involve everyone that normally interacts with the dog. Whereas most dog training is geometric patterns around pylons you will instead learn how to teach your dog (without food or fear) to go quietly to a mat when the doorbell rings or someone knocks and stay there until told otherwise. Also to stay on a mat when food is being prepared or consumed. To wait for permission to go up and down stairs so they don't trip up their owners. To stay off the furniture or only to get up with permission.
  • In The Yard

    Prevent or resolve excessive barking, digging and other destructive behavior. Teach elimination in one spot so you don't have landmines to clean up all over the yard.
  • In The Neigbourhood

    Walking on a loose leash, NO MATTER WHAT, without fear or intimidation around all distractions. Learn to teach Come - NO MATTER WHAT, so that your dog can get better exercise


  • Practical Household and Neighborhood Obedience

    Involve the entire family in teaching your puppy to Come, Stay and Heel - NO MATTER WHAT without depending on treats or cruelty. Safety at the door, on the stairs, in the kitchen.
  • Puppy Socialization

    True socialization influences a dog's temperament around children young and old, response to thunder and fireworks, unfamiliar situations and environments. Most classes are dog to dog socialization. Learn how to create a bomb proof temperament around everything, not just dogs.
  • Mouthing, Nipping, Biting

    A common problem that can be very quickly resolved without treats or cruelty.
  • House Training

    Teach a puppy to empty out 3 times per day in one spot by the time they are 16 weeks of age.
  • Crate Training

    Puppies and dogs more often than not learn to dislike crates because of the way they are used. Learn how to turn your puppy or dog's crate into a sanctuary.
  • Jumping

    As with mouthing, nipping and biting, jumping can also be very quickly resolved without treats or cruelty.

Behavior Problems

  • Aggression

    Learn how to assess your dog correctly so the correct approach is taken to address aggression.
  • Anxiety

    Anxiety can be a result of imprinting or more of a learned behavior. Learn how to effectively and humanely reduce your dog's anxiety.
  • Unruliness

    When other training approaches have not worked (‘Might Is Right' or 'All Positive/Purely Positive/Force-Free') learn how to apply a fully balanced approach and you will not believe how quickly your dog happily responds.

Your Rescue Dog

  • Right Start Program

    Get your rescue dog on the right track right from the beginning. Rescue dogs often have a little baggage and while sometimes it's there to stay with the right approach a lot can be done to help the dog lead a very happy life. I have assessed and worked with thousands of rescues over the years. I also work directly with rescues in educating their staff and volunteers. In addition, in the past I was the canine behaviour specialist for the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Enrichment Strategies - After Obedience Life Can Get Boring For a Dog

  • Trick Training

    Learn how to use a clicker and operant conditioning to teach your dog tricks. Not the best tool for obedience but a great way to stimulate your dog's mind throughout his or her life.
  • Scent Detection

    Teach your dog to search your home for his or her dinner and breakfast instead of just feeding. Very stimulating and enjoyable for all dogs. Your dog will think it is his or her birthday every day.
  • Exercise

    Walks are rarely exercise from a dog's mental and cardiovascular health perspective. Learn how to get your dog's heart rate up everyday without always having to raise your own.

Preparing A Dog For A Baby's Arrival

  • Assessment And "Around The Baby" Skills

    In the prenatal classes, my wife and I attended, dog owners were advised to carry around a baby doll during their pregnancy to “desensitize” their dog. They were also told to bring the baby’s blanket home beforehand and let the dog have a sniff.The material baby dolls are made of is more often than not the same or very similar to most dog toys. It’s just as likely if not more likely that an expectant parent could condition a dog into an unwelcome interest and interaction. Sniffing a blanket will no more prepare a dog for a child than looking at an ultrasound image of her child prepares a woman for labor. Personal exposure to this sort of well-meaning but behavior-modification unsound advice is what motivated me to write my first book, 'Prepare Your Dog for Your Baby - The Right Way! with John Wade.’ Learn how to anticipate your dog's reaction and prepare your dog realistically.


a month ago
John Wade is extremely knowledgeable and practiced in dog training. I learned much from simply observing his interactions with my pup and my puppy's responses to different forms of feedback. I was able, in the first week after meeting with him, to get my pup to follow my vocal instructions simply based on my tone of voice. I have, from there, been able to make progress in what I can do with my dog (having him off leash and interacting with other dogs and people, for example). I also obtained a lot of follow-up information and guidance from him via email and phone. I did not, however, videotape my interactions with my pup or respond to follow-up emails simply because of my own lack of time. But I imagine this would be useful as well if you do have the time. In general, I highly recommend him if you need guidance. He truly showed me that my puppy wants to do well but just didn't have the guidance he needed to do what I wanted from him; which has undoubtedly improved our relationship a...
- Dr. D
2 weeks ago
The time we spent with John Wade was invaluable. He showed us a calm and practical way to teach our dog to listen and obey. It will require lots of practice and patience but we are sure we will have a much happier and more obedient dog. We would highly recommend him.
- Linda K
3 weeks ago
I am in the early stages of training our new puppy and have a long way to go, but with the tools and techniques John has shared I feel we are well on our way. John is committed to seeing that his clients are successful and provides endless support to make that happen. His intuitive approach feels natural and balanced and I am pleased with the ease with which my pup is learning what is expected of him.
- Diane M

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Click this paragraph to watch this video to learn how John's 30 years of experience can help you with your dog or puppy. 

  • Learn to teach without treats or meanness.
  • Involve everyone in the family right in your own home.
  • Learn practical household skills instead of geometric patterns around pylons.
  • Accomplish more on your wish list in a single session than weeks in an environment that doesn't reflect your day to day reality.

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